November Member Spotlight

November’s  Member Spotlight is Dhwanil Kadakia. Dhwanil is a fourth year student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in Management Information Systems. Aside from volunteering and attending school, he is also a professional DJ. People describe him as loyal, hardworking, responsible, and caring. In the future Dhwanil sees himself working for a fire department in a large metropolitan area in New Jersey. When he is not volunteering, he spends time hanging out with friends, DJing, or working. Dhwanil is the first firefighter in his entire family tree. He was recognized by Congressman Lenoard Lance in 2015 for “Amazing Kids in Business.” 

Dhwanil has been a part of FRFARS for the past 5 years. In that time he has gone from being a junior member, at the age of 16, to the EMS Captain. He has obtained his EMT, Firefighter 1, and Firefighter 2 certifications and has logged hundreds of hours of technical rescue training and certification.

Everyone who knows him knows he volunteers for FRFARS. They are all very proud of him saying that, “he is following his dreams.” To those that are interested in joining FRFARS, Dhwanil says, “You are joining a family. When things get rough we are all here for each other. You will learn more than you could ever believe and you will have the time of your life.” 

Anyone interested in joining please visit

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