February Member Spotlight

With today being Valentine’s Day, this month’s Member Spotlight highlights two of our volunteers brought together by the Rescue Squad. EMS Captain Justin Dorflinger and his wife, EMT Lisa Dorflinger met first through mutual friends, but it was their service at the Rescue Squad which began their relationship. 

Justin started his career at the Raritan Township Fire Company and later joined the Squad, seeking more experience in the medical field. After the passing of a community member, Lisa felt inspired to join the Squad and learn how to help others. In addition to shaping their relationship, Justin and Lisa’s service at the Squad has shaped much of their careers. Lisa is currently a registered nurse specializing in women’s health services, while Justin works as a Firefighter and EMT while attending paramedic school.

In their free time, Justin and Lisa enjoy spending time with their family and exploring the outdoors. While serving at the Rescue Squad they have fallen in love not only with each other, but with the experience of helping their community. 


Anyone interested in joining the Flemington-Raritan Rescue Squad should visit our website at http://www.frfars.org 

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