December Member Spotlight

December’s Member Spotlight features a man who, following in his father’s footsteps, has been  involved in serving his community from a young age. At only twenty years old, EMT and Firefighter Robert (Robby) Motzel is no stranger to emergency services. Growing up, Robby’s father was very involved in emergency services, serving as the Chief of the Flemington Fire Department and as an EMT for approximately 10 years. As a result, Robby practically grew up in the firehouse. Recognizing his sense of service, Robby’s mother was the first person to encourage him to obtain his EMT certification.

Robby first joined the squad in 2016 at the age of 17 shortly after completing his Firefighter 1 course. He saw challenge and opportunity in gaining his EMT certification and serving the community through the Squad. Robby is also a member of Flemington Fire Department and was recently elected to a Lieutenant position. When Robby is not on an ambulance or fire truck, he enjoys playing a round of golf. 

Robby is currently attending Raritan Valley Community College to obtain a criminal justice degree in hopes of eventually landing a job in law enforcement. When he is not going to school or volunteering at the Squad, he works at Copper Hill Country Club.

According to Robby being part of the rescue squad is “a life changing experience for the better, you get to meet all kinds of amazing people on and off calls and it’s a way to give back to your community.” 

November Member Spotlight

November’s  Member Spotlight is Dhwanil Kadakia. Dhwanil is a fourth year student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in Management Information Systems. Aside from volunteering and attending school, he is also a professional DJ. People describe him as loyal, hardworking, responsible, and caring. In the future Dhwanil sees himself working for a fire department in a large metropolitan area in New Jersey. When he is not volunteering, he spends time hanging out with friends, DJing, or working. Dhwanil is the first firefighter in his entire family tree. He was recognized by Congressman Lenoard Lance in 2015 for “Amazing Kids in Business.” 

Dhwanil has been a part of FRFARS for the past 5 years. In that time he has gone from being a junior member, at the age of 16, to the EMS Captain. He has obtained his EMT, Firefighter 1, and Firefighter 2 certifications and has logged hundreds of hours of technical rescue training and certification.

Everyone who knows him knows he volunteers for FRFARS. They are all very proud of him saying that, “he is following his dreams.” To those that are interested in joining FRFARS, Dhwanil says, “You are joining a family. When things get rough we are all here for each other. You will learn more than you could ever believe and you will have the time of your life.” 

Anyone interested in joining please visit

Member Spotlight

The Flemington – Raritan First Aid & Rescue Squad is excited to announce the start of a new program, Member Spotlight. Once a month we will be spotlighting one of our members along with their contributions and achievements within our organization and our community.

With the 4th of July stirring our patriotism, we figured there was no better place to start than with one of our younger members who recently enlisted in the United States Army with the goal of becoming a combat medic.

EMT Kelly Franchino

Following in her sister Lisa’s footsteps, EMT Kelly Franchino, 18, joined the department at the age of 16. In the spring of 2018, Kelly completed the required training and passed the testing to earn her New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician Certification. Kelly sharpened her skills as one of our junior members over the past two years. In May, Kelly moved to a full adult member of the organization. She recently graduated from Hunterdon Central High School and enlisted with the US Army. She reports to boot camp in early August.  In addition to her hard work and dedication to FRFARS, Kelly is a lifeguard/swim instructor at Little Dolphins Swim Academy. She enjoys cheerleading and Irish step dancing. If you happen to see Kelly out and about, please help us in wishing her the best of luck as she pursues her career in the US Army as a combat medic (68W).

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